Nest Communications is a Singapore-based integrated communications agency. Independently owned, we are creatively driven to create compelling and lasting relationships between our clients and their audience.

Setting ourselves apart from most graphic design agencies, the bulk of our capabilities is geared towards creating powerful visual communications that help convey a brand’s message and strategically position their brand presence. We are dedicated to helping clients find the most effective way to tell their story. Backed by relevant research, fresh ideas and a great passion for design, every piece of work we do is crafted with an in-depth understanding of each client’s needs.


Our niche is built on two decades of experience and research, and hundreds of books on the art of branding and design. We understand the ever-changing world of consumer behaviour and their impact on businesses and marketing.


In short, here at Nest we help companies and brands determine what they want to do and say, as well as help them realise their potential in new and profound ways. Our capabilities are endless – from design of products, identities, posters, books, exhibitions and installations, to video conceptualising and production to websites – we do them all.

We know

Retail Marketing


It’s in our blood. We’re passionate about brick-and-mortar retail, that’s why we love working with malls and becoming one with each and every campaign. We know the pace of shopping mall advertising and what makes them tick.

We know



Like the back of our hands. We live and breathe brand manuals and bibles. Still not convinced? Check out more of our work in the link below.